History and Development

The Section of Highway and Traffic Engineering (HTE)  was formed in Faculty of Civil Engineering – Univeristy of Transport and Communications– founded in 1961. As soon as The University was founded, in 1962, HTE was established at the same time with Faculty of Civil Engineering, called The Section of Roadway Engineering with two major subjects: Roadway and Railway Engineering. Professor Bui Choi was the Department Head. University of Transport and Communication was called University of Railway and Highway Transport back then. In 1968, HTE became a stand-alone section and has developed over half a century until now. As of now, The Department has a total of 32 lecturers( 3 Professor, 16 Doctors, 13 Masters).

Deans of The HTE

Since the inception, there has been five terms of Deans, from Prof. Pham Van Toan, Prof. Nguyen Quang Chieu, to Prof. Nguyen Quang Toan, and then Prof. Bui Xuan Cay, Prof. La Van Cham and currently is Prof. Nguyen Quang Phuc. Currently, and 1 Vice Dean:  Prof. Bui Tuan Anh.

Training Fields, Major Subjects

The HTE is in charge of three Major Subjects in Undergraduate Education Program, which are:

  • Highway Construction
  • Highway Traffic Engineering
  • Bridge and Highway Engineering

Training duration of all the Courses: 4,5 years including 4 years of basic, basis, specialized and one term of internship and graduation thesis.

Students who are graduated will be given The Degree of Engineer in “Transport Construction Engineering”.


* During university and after university:

Since the Department was founded, more than 50 student courses have been taught, including regular, in-service, second degree and inter-college course with a huge amount of students, the number of lessons of the Department has reached the highest in the university, more than 40.000 lessons per year. Highway Department has trained 22 Master’s courses, helped about 20 Doctors and 800 Masters students in finishing their graduation thesis which result was good or higher.

* Science Research

Doing research has always been the main purpose to all members in Highway Department. Many scientific topics from grass-root to state level have been researched under the conduction of Department’s leaders. More than 10 curricula have been published with high quality.

Each year, dozens of articles about Highway Department appears in many reputable magazines from both inside and outside our country like Bridge-Roadway Magazine, TRR, TRC, Easts, ASCE… Department also focus on helping students do research, about 20 scientific topics every year.

* Reward for achievement

With all of the achievement, Highway Department has been rewarded with many prizes by Communist Party and Government as well as Ministry of Education and Training: 2 First-class labor Medal, 1 Second-class labor Medal, 1 Third-class labor Medal, 3 Certificate of merit given by Ministry of Education and Training, 8 Titles of Excellent Labor Group and many other titles.

Generations of success former students

With thousands of engineers we have trained since the very first days, students have had great contribution for the career of industrialization and modernization as well as the country development. Many generations of student have been taking many important tasks and important positions in the government, especially in the Transportation Industry. Some of representatives are:

– Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dong – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Transport, 20th course Highway Class’s former student.

– Mr. Le Dinh Tho – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Transport, 23th course Highway Class’s former student.

– Mr. Pham Hong Son – Former General Director of Ho Chi Minh Roadway Project Management Deparment now known as 2nd Department General Director of Ministry of Transport, 19th course Highway Class’s former student.

– Mr. Ly Thai Hai – Chairman of Bac Kan Province, 20th course Highway Class’s former student.

– Mr. Le Ngoc Hoa – Former General Director of 4th Traffic Construction Company now known as Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Nghe An Province, 27th course Highway Class’s former student.

– Mr. Le Anh Tuan – Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa Province, former student of 4th second-degree course.


The Department has 3 fully equipped working room, with all the necessary equipment, create a suitable environment for our lecturers as well as our students. Those rooms are for Research Activities, Cooperate and other professional activities.

Beside all the University equipment, we also get ourselves other Laboratory equipment to serve the purpose of Scientific research and other practicing activities. Espcially, we got all the necessary equipment for researching on Substrate surface.

National and international Cooperation

We usually cooperate with other organizations and scientists in and outside the industry of Transportation. We also hold lots of concerts, Research Cooperation, co-production as well as thematic reports, seminar with professionals and organizations from developed country such as Germany, France, USA, Japan,…